Monday, 1 October 2012

GSG.Gallery - Gundam SG's HG 1/144 ZZ Gundam

With the anticipation for the release of Bandai's RG Zeta Gundam, let us travel back to June 2010 when the HGUC version of its successor was released, the Double Zeta or ZZ Gundam.

According to the unofficial Gundam Wiki, the ZZ Gundam is infused with the DNA of 3 preceding mobile suits - the core block from the original RX-78-2, the movable frame from the RX-178, and the transformation technology from the Zeta Gundam. Although it has the engineering combination of 3 Gundams that were highly regarded from the UC timeline, we are still more impressed with Zeta's waverider transformation.

For this build, we have to admit that the spraying of the matte topcoat was somewhat over-generous, leading to the permanent fogging at some parts of the model. As with most of our collection, panels were lined and some parts of the ZZ were painted to give it more life.

After some consideration over the risk of scratching its top coat, we still went ahead with the transformations of the ZZ to give it more credit for its gimmick.