Monday, 12 November 2012

GSG.Gallery - Gundam SG's KRE-O Optimus Prime

We are back from a long hiatus! We have recently upgraded one of our cameras and while practice is being carried out with every shots to fine tune whatever little photographic skill we possess, we are proud to announce greater details and sharpness to our upcoming pictures! What does that leave us? Amateurish paint smudges and unclean cuts on our models that we can no longer cover!

Now back to business.

To be honest, we have been struggling to complete one of the BB Legends' models since over a month ago, and admittedly, the simpler the kit, the less detail, which means more work and effort will be needed to go into its completion. Hopefully this will be not be our last attempt to ambitiously try our hands on a BB Legend or even a BB kit itself.

While most of our gallery will be featuring plastic scale models, we do not wish to impose on ourselves a limit as to what we will showcase. At such, we are proud to present KRE-O, a toy not unlike Lego or Mega Bloks. (By the way, Mega Bloks do have mechs from the Gundam planet)

A visit to Universal Studios Singapore by one of our girlfriends landed this piece of souvenir (most probably from Transformers, The Ride) into our hands. Because we have to tear the entire completed model down in order to "transform" or in a more honest word, REBUILD it, we have decided to leave it permanently in its vehicular form. Because honestly, the robot mode looks like something from a 70s cartoon and one time of prying open stubbornly stuck parts is enough!

Without further ado and with somewhat sore fingers.......