Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hybrid Grade Mobile Suit Gundam

Released by Bandai as part of the Gashapon brand, the Hybrid Grade line of collection features an interactive approach by riding on the augmented reality or AR bandwagon. What does the Hybrid Grade do other than being a display collection? Well, if you are armed with either an iPhone or Android powered device with a camera, all you have to do is download the free app, either take a picture or scan the Hybrid Grade that you possess and voila! Unless Google translate was wrong, your collection will come to life your mobile device that you can interact with!

The current releases include characters from Tiger & Bunny, One Piece, Kamen Rider and Dragonball.

Wait! Where is Gundam?

Well, mechas from the original Mobile Suit Gundam will soon join the ranks of Hybrid Grade in Spring and what I could gather so far from the official avenue was only a raw and unpainted Zaku II and apparently, there should be 5 more pieces.

I am not sure if this line has been released locally but it goes for ¥500 a twist in Japan.