Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Something MG Is Coming!

Source: Bandai-Hobby

Bandai-Hobby's main page is currently hosting a countdown for a Master Grade unveiling that is scheduled after over 40 hours from now.

In the meantime, rumours are aplenty in the boundless realm of the internet and one of them points to it being the 3rd iteration of the original Gundam RX-78-2, or rather, affectionately known as the 3.0. With a huge popularity and countless variance over all the grades and lines that Bandai has to offer, it will not come as a surprise if the revered original Gundam is given a rebirth for the third time in the MG line.

Be it a 3.0 or a new model introduced to the line, when the clock strikes 12 (pm) on 16 May 2013, the answer will be unveiled.