Tuesday, 30 July 2013

HG 1/144 MBF-P01-Re Gundam Astray Gold Frame ReAMATSU - P-Bandai

The history of the Gundam Astray Gold Frame series of mobile suits from Gundam SEED's franchise is actually quite complicated. The Gundam Astray Gold Frame ReAMATSU was rebuilt entirely from the Gundam Astray Gold Frame and the best available Gunpla kit featuring it was produced back in 2006 - the no grade 1/100 Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Custom (A rebuilt version of the ReAMATSU itself after it sustained heavy damages).

To fill in the gap between the Gold Frame (Which was offered as a no grade Limited/Exclusive 1/100 kit) and ReAMATSU, P-Bandai is currently offering the 1/144 Amatsu, another exclusive!

Source: P-Bandai
Source: P-Bandai
Source: P-Bandai
Source: P-Bandai
Source: P-Bandai
Source: P-Bandai

Friday, 26 July 2013

Gunpla Expo 2013 (Taiwan) Announcement And Details - Gundam.INFO

After leaving Shanghai in July, Gunpla Expo 2013 is continuing south towards Taipei where it is scheduled to run from 2 August to 11 August. As with previous years, visitors will be treated to entries from the 2013 GBWC (Gunpla Builders World Cup), a glimpse of upcoming Gunpla kits, an opportunity to get discounts off current and pre-order kits and best of all, a chance to obtain some exclusive goodies.

If you are staying around Taipei city, why not take some time off to immerse yourself in the world of Gunpla?

Running Date: 12.00pm 2 August 2013 - 11 August 2013
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 10.00am - 08.00pm (Last Admission at 07.30pm)
Location: Hua Shan Creative Park E3, 1, Section 1, Bādé Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan
Map and Direction: Click Here

Gunpla Expo Taiwan
Source: Gundam.INFO

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bandai-Hobby - MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam 3.0 Promotional Image

Slated for a release date of 10 August 2013, Bandai-Hobby is teasing its fans with the following promotional image to provide some details on what the 3rd generation of the Grandam possesses (Sadly, the yellow LED is only available through its P-Bandai weapons pack).
Gundam RX 78-2 Version 3
Source: Bandai-Hobby

P-Bandai - FW Gundam Converge Operation Revive (Mission 1 Results)

FW Gundam Converge Operation Revive
Source: P-Bandai

The first round of voting for P-Bandai's FW Operation Revive was concluded on 19 July and the results came in today!

Fans of this line has spoken with clicks of their mice and the following 30 MSs have survived to proceed on to round 2 where a further 20 will be eliminated before the final round:
FW Gundam Converge Operation Revive Round 1 Results
Source: P-Bandai

Google Translate was helpful in indicating that should they emerge as the final 5, the G3 RX-78-2 Gundam will be produced with a beam rifle and shield, and the RX-178 Gundam MK-II (Titans), with a bazooka. 

Go Banshee! Go Unicorn! (Although we personally favour the Gundam 00 series MS too, it is inevitable that we wonder how the 00 Gundam will survive without the 0 Raiser).

To find out which will be the emerging 10, Mission 2's result will be released on 23 August after the voting period between today and 19 August.

Friday, 12 July 2013

P-Bandai - MG 1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (Ver.Ka) Reissue

Among all the Mobile Suits in Gundam UC and between the Unicorn Gundam and Banshee, I prefer the latter - being somewhat cooler with its black body along with the Armed Armor VN (somewhat known as "the claw").

The Ver. Ka Banshee was released some time back and was somewhat quite limited in its availability. The regrettable issue with it was its lacking of "the claw" but it was somehow compensated by its UV reactive psycho frame. Did I mention the cool monotone box that houses the entire package?

Despite my love for this particular Banshee and my admiration for most MGs that have undergone the Ver. Ka treatment, I missed the window of opportunity to own this black beast. Alas! When Bandai decided yet again to issue the Ver. Ka Banshee, I had to smash the window and propel myself into this limited run of an opportunity.

Putting aside all exaggeration of a simple action involved in the ordering of a Gunpla, here is what the fuss is all about.

Unicorn Gundam Banshee (Ver.Ka) Reissue
Source: P-Bandai

Source: P-Bandai

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"Renovation" Work-in-Progress

We are currently undergoing a brand / image / style overhaul at the moment. Please forgive us for any broken links and slower updates in our blog.

Although we will still be operational both here and ebay, we will be slightly changing the direction and to some extent, the subsequent contents of this blog.

Of course we will be retaining our old contents - they are part of what defines this and the future blog =)

And yes, our new blog has a more decipherable name - GundamSG.

Bandai's Plamo And Gunpla Release Schedules - JULY 2013

The July release schedule for Bandai's Gunpla is out!

The new releases this month features 2 units from Char's Counter Attack (1 MG and 1 SD/BB) and 3 units from 0083 Stardust Memory (2 RG and 1 HGUC).

The hottest release among the 5 is probably none other than the RG GP01 and GP01fb from Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory. Unfortunately, they are sold separately as opposed to a two-in-one package with modification parts to interchange between the two units.

Joining them is the HGUC Gerbera Tetra, slated for a released towards the end of this month.

Click the link if you are interested  to know what the other 2 units from CCA are.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Gundam Build Fighters - New Animation Project

02 July 2013

The new project has been announced, with directing and screenplay talents drawn from the production team of Gundam 00! Based similarly on the concept of the 2010 OVA Gunpla Builders Beginning G, Gundam Build Fighters features Gunpla modelers battling against one another in an alternate reality setting.

The first episode is scheduled to be released in October 2013 and as with the usual Bandai treatment, accompanying Gunpla kits will be released around that period (Green colour scheme Wing Gundam anyone?)

Source: Gundam.INFO

Source: Gundam.INFO

17 June 2013

Bandai Hobby's main page has been updated with a new banner that links to Gundam BF! As always, Google Translate did a commendable job, translating the Japanese caption as "Gundam New Video Project Announcement"

Time to expect a new line of Gunpla kits coming out in July!

Source: Bandai-Hobby

14 June 2013

The enticing nature of a teaser is all too familiar for Gunpla and Gundam fans, with the latest being the emergence of a new website titled Gundam BF.

Source: Gundam-BF

A whois record of the domain name indicates that it has been registered by Sunrise, a name normally associated with Gundams' animes.

With the domain registrar being Sunrise and an indication of the news being related to Gundam in 1/144 scale, fans have speculated that the released could be a continuation or a spin-off to Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G or a release that will be related to its concept. It will not be surprising considering a full Gundam series is due after the end of the Gundam AGE main series.

Nonetheless, let's occasionally check up on its updates and await the official release of the news on 02 July 2013.