Monday, 12 August 2013

Zaku & Haro 3D Puzzles - BEVERLY

Ever tried piecing together a 3D puzzle? Not unlike a Plamo kit, a 3D puzzle requires some degree of instructions in the fitting of different pieces together. The slight difference (to me that is) between the two of them however, is that a 3D puzzle requires a more acute sense of understanding as to which particular piece the instruction is pointing at. And sometimes, that translates to trial and error.

Beverly, a Japanese puzzle producer, has recently released 4 different 3D puzzles based on Zaku and Haro (seems like it is more economical to produce them with as less variation in the colours as possible). The shape of Haro looks weird, especially at the front, as opposed to the perfectly replicated Zaku.

They are priced at ¥1,890 each and with an additional ¥840 for an LED integrated base, your completed masterpiece can double up as a mini lamp!

Source: Beverly

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