Monday, 26 August 2013

Zeonic Toyota: Char's Auris - Gundam.INFO

The dark collaboration has been whispered and pictures of it has been captured on numerous occasions at different locations since early this year and on 1 October 2013, it will finally be on sale... Behold the Zeonic Toyota Char's Auris!

Source: Gundam.INFO
It doesn't come with Char as your personal chauffeur or a Zaku II to protect your journey. It doesn't come modified to be 3 times faster than the standard grunt Auris(es?). It does however, come in a rich flavour of Char-ness both in, out and beneath the Charis. 

As with the regular Auris, the Charis is offered in a variety of engine and transmission options. Because of the sheer awesomeness that is beyond human description, here are the accompanying pictures!

Source: Gundam.INFO

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