Monday, 30 September 2013

P-Bandai - FW Gundam Converge Operation Revive Results

After 3 rounds of fan voting, FW Gundam Converge's Operation Revive officially concluded on 25 September 2013. The final result sees the top 5 voted models being reproduced, and to further commemorate the 10th anniversary of FW's production, P-Bandai is also releasing the Hi-V Gundam in the FW series.
The 5 finalists along with the Hi-V Gundam will be sold as a set in 2 different versions - a P-Bandai exclusive and a regular release that will be retailed in stores (the question remains as to whether they will be available out of Japan). What makes the P-Bandai version different is the inclusion of  additional parts to create the version of the MS that was designed in the original run.

Despite not knowing if this will retail in your home country, do feast your eyes on the mini beauty contest that P-Bandai ran!

Source: P-Bandai

Thursday, 26 September 2013

P-Bandai - MG 1/100 XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X3 (Ver. Ka)

As indicated in our earlier post, P-Bandai is reissuing the MG XM-X2 Crossbone X2 Gundam  along with this variant, the X3.

As compared with the X2, the X3 features slightly different arsenal along with a different colour scheme.

Irregardless of whichever variant you prefer, our pre-orders are open for both versions for the Gunpla fans in Singapore. You may contact us at and put the subject as MG Crossbone X3 Gundam. First come first serve. While stocks last!!  

Source: P-Bandai

P-Bandai - MG 1/100 XM-X2 Crossbone Gundam X2 (Ver. Ka / Reissue)

In conjunction with the release of the MG Crossbone Gundam X3 (Ver. Ka), P-Bandai is reissuing the X2 variant, extending an opportunity for Crossbone fans who have missed the first run to place an order this time round to complete their collection.

Missed the first run? No worries, we are taking pre-orders for our friends in Singapore. You may contact us at and put the subject as MG Crossbone X2 Gundam. First come first serve. While stocks last!!

Source: P-Bandai

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

HGUC 1/144 MSM-04 7-11 Acguy (Ver. GFT) - Gundam.INFO

As with the previous 7-11 exclusive Gunplas, this Acguy comes in the trademarked 7-11 colour scheme coupled with the convenience chain's logos. The Acguy marks the fifth MS to join the ranks of attaining the 7-11 emblem, along with RX-78-2, Zaku II, Beargguy, and Strike Freedom Gundam (An EX Model Gun Perry aircraft could also be found, but does not seem to be as popular).

Personally, the colour scheme and decals look rather attractive on the Acguy. It's regrettable that this isn't available in 7-11s out of Japan.

Source: Gundam.INFO

Monday, 23 September 2013

HG 1/144 Valvrave I Hito (Innocence Zero) - Bandai-Hobby

I may be wrong, but the Valvrave I Innocence Zero is basically the original Valvrave I in a different colour scheme. In the anime, this is somehow alike the Gundams in Gundam SEED when their phase-shift armour is off. Personally, I would prefer the original red/black Hito, but hey, unlike the Real Grade de-active versions of the Gundam SEED Gundams, at least this does not retail as an online exclusive. 

And we are happy to inform you that this kit has already been released.

Source: Bandai-Hobby

HG 1/144 Valvrave IV Hinowa - Bandai-Hobby

The 1/144 iteration of the Valvrave IV unit, Hinowa, is set to be released on 28 September 2013 with a price tag of ¥3,675. Piloted by Saki Rukino, a teen idol who has developed some degree of romantic interest towards the male lead, the specialty of this suit lies in its high mobility and mid to long range attack capabilities.

Whether you are a fan of the pilot, the unit itself or both, your chance to build and own the Hinowa is less than a week away!

Source: Bandai-Hobby

Friday, 20 September 2013

Update! Gunpla Expo 2013 (Singapore) Announcement and Details

20 September 2013

Less than 24 hours more to go and here are the last minute details to facilitate your decision for tomorrow's visit to Singapore's Gunpla Expo 2013!

Source: Club Gunpla

21 August 2013

Although at this point of time we are unsure if there will be any other venues between them, another location for the upcoming leg of the Gunpla Expo World Tour has been announced following the recent one held at Taipei.

Scheduled exactly a month from now and located at where it was held previously, Singapore is the next venue on the organizer's radar. We will share more details when they are made available.

In the meantime, check the dates below to see if your trip to the sunny island will coincide with this event!

Source: Club Gunpla
Running Date: 21 September 2013 - 29 September 2013
Opening Hours: TBC
Location: Atrium Level 1, NEX, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
Location Map: Click Here

AFA 2013 Details - Singapore

Source: AFA Singapore

Singapore is the next scheduled venue for the 2013 AFA following the one held in Jakarta, Indonesia recently. For visitors who intend to visit the festival repeatedly, there is currently an ongoing early bird promotion that runs till 28 September 2013. Interested parties who make an early reservation for the VIP package (effectively giving them 3 days' worth of access) will see S$30 discounted from the package price.

Tickets are available for Exhibition and Stage Access and packages for 3 days' worth of access are available in 3 different categories.

Further details are available at the links below which will direct you to the official site for Singapore's AFA 2013.

At this moment, there are still no news or updates on what or whether exclusive Gundams will make an appearance there.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

GSG.Gallery - FW STANDart RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 01 (Destroy Mode / Rouse Drive Ver.)

Unicorn Gundam's Rouse Drive version is also known as the Awakening version, where its psycho frame glows green in colour. Except for Katoki's version (or Ver. Ka) of the MG Full Armour Unicorn Gundam, (now please feel free to correct me if I am wrong) all other Rouse Drive versions of the Destroy Mode Unicorn Gundam are either limited or special editions.

What we are sharing today is a Fusion Works iteration of the Rouse Drive which was featured as an exclusive at this year's International Animhiation Festival held in Hong Kong. As the first FW that we have acquired and having being labelled as a limited exclusive, we had our expectation high while we awaited its arrival into our hands.

Like most of the Fusion Works STANDart releases, the Unicorn Gundam (we are talking about the RD version here as we do not possess the standard released one) is highly detailed, with parts that are appropriately coloured and noticeable panel lines that could be drawn. We had however, in the course of our expectation, factored in the fact that this is a candy toy, and thus will have some degree of inconsistency in colouring and a very limited articulation.

The main draw of this Unicorn is the green psycho frame, which in this case, has been molded transparently. Although it does not glow in itself, its visual effect is greatly enhanced when external lighting is used.

As always, pictures explain everything beyond words.