Friday, 13 September 2013

Gashapon Zaku (And Others) Tofu

I am sure some of us have come across different creative culinary means to destroy the Zeon's tofu suits. From eating it fresh to cooking it in a soup base atop an induction cooker, the Zaku tofu - which is produced by Sagamiya Foods (相模屋食料) - has been on sale in Japanese supermarkets since last year.

Although licensed and modeled after Zeon's Mobile Suits that have been depicted to withstand physical abuses up to a certain extent, the tofu suits are still made from delicate tofu at the end of the day. Like all foodstuffs, its display life is relatively short with no articulation to speak of and those looking to immortalize the tofu suit either has to keep it unopened or frozen in the freezer.

Your calling has finally been answered, tofu fans, for Bandai's Gashapon has put an end to this problem! At ¥200 a pop, a twist of the wrist and the opening of the egg-shaped container, you will be able to own a piece of Tofu Suit that will never rot (or can be eaten)!

As with all things Japanese, we are not sure if these will ever reach any of our shores.

Source: Gashapon

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