Tuesday, 10 December 2013

GSG.Gallery - FW STANDart 18: MSZ-008 ZII Gundam Z-II

The Z-II marks our second feature from Fusion Works' STANDart line and shall act as a filler piece for our long overdue upcoming project. As mentioned in our earlier post highlighting the promotional images release, the captivating design of the Z-II was more than enough reason to procure it (sadly, there is no regular Gunpla release for this particular model). One of the most quirky design of the Z-II in my opinion are definitely the "stilettos" or the Z-II's high heeled feet, attributed perhaps to a streamlined design feature meant primarily for space use.

As expected from this line, articulation is highly limited, but arguably compensated through superb details and colouring, all packaged in a reusable box should display space be an issue to your extensive collecting habits.

Out of the box, the Z-II comes with its Mega Beam Rifle, a detachable "cockpit" and a stand that is meant to support its rear thrusters (the stand was actually unnecessary for this photo shoot, but nonetheless, an added bonus for long term displays).

Pictures speak a gazillion words, poses of which are limited for this wonderfully designed MS.

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