Tuesday, 31 December 2013

GSG.Gallery - Gundam SG's BB RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee

It has been eons since we had posted a review on our very own Gunpla kit and to both mark the end of this plastic drought and at the same time, commemorate the beginning of my journey in picking up airbrushing, the Banshee (a Mobile Suit in which I have continuously expressed my love for its design and colour scheme) was chosen. 

Being a BB Benshi kit, there was considerable leeway for errors and failures (well, it's cheap). One major setback encountered during the build process was when I discovered that a piece of its antler (the extravagantly designed V Fin) was misplaced after carelessly leaving it on my work desk for the remaining week. Rather than just buying that missing piece, it made more sense to outright purchase a second set (a contingency decision that further proved its value later in the build).

With half the V Fin permanently gone, it was quite impossible to create both the Unicorn and Destroy mode. Thus, I decided to give my Banshee another centrepiece (at least that is the main draw of the Banshee for me) instead, 2 sets of Armed Armor BS and Armed Armor VN apiece (The VN will be prominently used and for later permanent display). The additional kit also proved to be a vanity savior of the Banshee, providing it with extra marking stickers to give it a Ka-ish appearance.

The colour scheme was decidedly to be a dash of black, to complement the untouched midnight blue from the kit, touched up with the Banshee's trademark of ostentatious gold on some parts. As it is not in my habit to surface coat prior to painting, some rough edges and flaws could be easily spotted in the pictures. Besides airbrushing, the Banshee's appearance (at the back) was slightly elevated with the use of HIQ metal thrusters (the lazy man's solution to metallic paints).

As always, panel lines are a must, with a final top coat to seal everything in place - which sadly could not prevent abrasive paint chip on one of the Armed Armor VN's "teeth".

This post marks our last post for the year - enjoy the rest of the photos and have a Merry Happy New Year!

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