Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Figure-Rise 6 - Kamen Rider Kabuto & Kamen Rider Faiz

The Figure-Rise series generally features humanoid characters from other Bandai / Sunrise franchises. Although the releases are not as predictable, this series from Bandai is nonetheless a counsin of Gunpla, with snap-fit assembly required and categorized into both Master Grade and what we presume to be High Grade (Figure-Rise 6).

 The latest to join (well, to be exact, in March 2014) the small line of Figure-Rise kits are Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider Faiz. Although we do not possess deep understanding in the Kamen Rider franchise, we have to admit that the details and gimmicks of the kits are rather well produced (if the end results below are without any modeling touch ups).

Source: Bandai-Hobby

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