Tuesday, 17 June 2014

G-Temple GT-01 Sprue Cutter - 3X Faster

... at rusting. Actually I have no idea how long exactly it took to rust as it has been left in the open for quite some time. At the price-to-performance ratio of analysis, it did an excellent job at removing sprues in a delicate manner without leaving much stress marks. However, compared with the Bandai cutter I have had for over half a decade (from a beginner tool pack!), the lifespan is atrocious.

Nonetheless, I will still continue to get the same one as a replacement and just treat it as a consumable; because it is just that good in what it does.

For fellow modelers living in an area of high humidity, stay dry and keep your tools well, because water vapour easily creates a cheeky byproduct (rust).

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