Friday, 25 July 2014

Gundam Build Fighters Try - Info & Gunpla

The sequel to Gundam Build Fighters is coming this October, with a storyline that takes place 7 years after the first series (not the OVA!). Similarly, the plot of the story involves Gunpla battle systems, with a beginning set in the same school where the main (Iori) character of the first series graduated from. This time round however, there will be 3 main characters, with a female lead in the mix (the president of the Gunpla Battle Club, no less!).

As of now, 3 HGs and a SD / BB kit, along with 2 HG Build Custom kits have been revealed, presumably with more to come as time passes.

In order of their individual images below:
- HG 1/144 Build Burning Gundam
- HG 1/144 Lightning Gundam
- SD/BB Winning Gundam
- HG 1/144 Powered GM Cardigan
- HG 1/144 Lightning Back Weapon System (Tentative / Provisional; from Lighting Gundam)
- HG 1/144 Powered Arms (Translated name; from Powered GM Cardigan)

Personally, the idea derived from the story behind these Gunpla kits does not really appeal to me, unless of course the technological feat behind the battle system could really be achieved, but that's just me. 


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