Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Gundam Duel Company - For iOS, Android and PC

A few days ago, I came across a blog posting regarding this game which is available in English on iOS, Android and PC - how often do you see an official Gundam based game available in English on different platforms?! Filled with intrigued, and with it being an official Gundam based game, it was impossible for me to pass.

Though it was not mandatory to make any purchases to play GDC, in-game free cards (Yes, it is a turn-based card game) are limited and either have to be "rented" (with a time limit I have yet to experience) or won through battle campaigns. 

You know how in-app purchases usually limit your possession of any particular items or power-ups to the confines of the games themselves? Well, Gundam Duel Company gives me the opportunity of physically owning something reminiscent of our childhood - trading cards (S$12.50 each for the SEED and 0079 starter packs and S$4.80 for a pack of 3 from where I had bought) depicting Mobile Suits and Pilots hailing from different series in the Gundam metaverse; and hey, some of them glitter in a pixelated manner. It is kind of cool to enter their codes in-game and then virtually owning something to battle with, not to mention the adrenaline rush from opening the concealed packs.

Take a look at the official website and explore around to learn more about GDC to see if it interests you! The full collection of cards from the current first version (the second version is coming in October!) can be viewed here.

We absolutely love our fans and are willing to go the extra mile and more for you! 

Do you live in Singapore? Is there any particular Gunpla that you are looking for, or are you simply interested in something that we have posted over here? 

If YES is the answer to both questions, drop us an email at ask@gundamsg.com or browse around our eBay store every now and then to see what we are currently offering!

...because there are some exclusives that you simply should not miss!

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