Wednesday, 24 September 2014

P-Bandai - MG 1/100 MS-06FS Zaku II (Garma Zabi Custom Ver.)

Sieg Zeon! Following Dozle Zabi's elaborately decaled Zaku II comes the custom mobile suit of his brother, Garma Zabi. At first glance, besides the colour scheme, there are not much differences between this and the regular Zaku IIs. However, with closer inspections, one may notice that there are actually 4 slots on its head - that's right, this variant of the grunt suit synonymous with Zeon is equipped with 4 vulcan guns. In addition, Garma's Heat Hawk is highly customized, giving it an almost steam-punk design. 

Along with a set of water transfer decals, this is as much as what P-Bandai offers for the royal Zeonic hero.

Source: P-Bandai

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