Thursday, 18 September 2014

Special Delivery from Cardass!

As documented earlier, I have been immersing myself in Gundam Duel Company, a multi-platformed hybrid card game across traditional desktops, iOS and Android (a marketing gimmick made possible because the game play requires only an internet browser with a working internet conenction). Besides making the initial purchase of the starter packs, I have been steadily buying their booster packs to beef up my deck (and I am still losing at an alarming rate).

One of the game's features is to participate in PVP card battles with other random players around the world and depending on the tournament you participate in, takes 1-2 days to complete. In winning x/6 battles spanning over a 24 hour period, you will either continue to the next tranche (if you fulfill the required "x" number of wins and the tournament takes 2 days) of the tournament or win an exclusive in-game card (You can choose to win a maximum of 3 of the same card by rejoining the tournament again). Now this isn't the sweet point of this post. The unique thing about this game is for a fee of USD2, P-Bandai and Cardass gets the cards you have won (you can combine shipping up to 4 cards) delivered right to your doorstep! Why would you need 3 of the same cards? Because the cards can be stacked in the future (it was marketed but has proven yet to work) for power-ups.

I tried this service on 2 of the cards I had won earlier and have just received these special packets in my mail. If you are one of the players, hurry up and place your orders before the stock runs out!

Now tell me that isn't geekily cool!

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