Wednesday, 8 October 2014

P-Bandai - Assault Kingdom NZ-999 Neo Zeong

Do you remember that time when Japanese candy toys were simply candies bundled with a toy of a licensed character, priced reasonably for collectors seeking some excitement in a package of randomness? 

This isn’t it.

Behold the behemoth of the NZ-999 Neo Zeong in Assault Kingdom scale. Seriously, look at its size in comparison with other mobile suits of its scale (you can re-enact the scene of the Neo Zeong trying to pull the Unicorn apart too!) and you will get the idea. It features a removable Sinanju with slots included on and around its display base to fit the display stands of other reasonably sized Assault Kingdom MSes for your exhibiting pleasure. Along with its arsenal and 2 gigantic thrusters, it also feature the non-essential gimmick of 3 pieces of candies (seriously?). 

Factoring in the fact that it’s a P-Bandai exclusive, along with its size and the convenience of a pre-painted, semi-assembled toy (with limited articulation of course), the price tag of ¥9,990 (Sieg Zeon!) does seem somewhat reasonable. That's ¥3,330 per candy, with a free toy.

Source: P-Bandai

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