Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Preview: PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

The last time a PG was released was back in 2010, and including the PG Sky Grasper (it’s not actually a full Mobile Suit), there are a total of 14 kits in the Perfect Grade line-up. Representing the pinnacle of Bandai’s Gunpla technology and featuring an array of gimmicks to follow as closely as what the MS designers envisioned in a mobile suit, each and every releases are followed closely by Gunpla fans.

With 2 months to go to its release date, Bandai recently dropped a surprise on Gunpla fans to announce the latest candidate for the PG line and it’s none other than the Unicorn Gundam! What’s more fascinating is the fact that this kit will incorporate a grand total of 30 LEDs (sold separately of course) – 1 for the head and 29 for the remaining of its body. What remains to be seen (perhaps in the coming weeks) however, is how these LEDs will fit into a body that transforms between the MS’ Unicorn and Destroy mode.

With a price tag of roughly S$300 for the kit and S$150 for the LEDs, Bandai had better made sure that the kit’s development is worth every buck.

Soruce: Bandai-Hobby

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